2021 WPCC Limited Edition Four Seasons Pin Set

2021 WPCC Limited Edition Four Seasons Pin Set Brochure

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2020 President’s Message (revised)

On behalf of the Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club, I would like to wish everyone a very
Happy New Year. May you be blessed with good health, prosperity and much
happiness. The Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club has something to offer people of all ages
from youths to adults to seniors.

This year the pin club is celebrating its 33rd Anniversary. The pin club continues to
grow and prosper thanks to ongoing support from our regular and corporate members
as well as from the many new members who have joined our pin club in the past year.
Our international pin club has members living throughout Canada, the USA, the United
Kingdom, Denmark, France & Germany.

Due to Covid-19, the year 2020 has not turned out the way everyone in the world
expected it. All of us remain optimistic that a vaccine will become available.
Our 2020 club pin, which features the 1 st Train to Churchill being greeted by a polar
bear also celebrates Manitoba’s 150 th Anniversary (1870 – 2020) (when the province
joined Confederation). Pin club members have the opportunity to either select one pin
in a choice of five colors as part of their $20.00 membership dues or pay $40.00 for
their membership dues and receive a complete set of five limited edition 1 st train to
Churchill pins with the following different background colors i.e. Black (night scene),
Blue (spring/summer scene), Yellow (sunrise scene), Orange (sunset scene) and Purple
(Northern lights scene). The majority of club members have opted for the five pin set.
Only 100 pins were produced in each color which makes the pin set a very limited
production. We are very close to selling out of these five pin sets. As we have done in
the past, Laurie Artiss the Pin People are the producers of our club pins. They have a
reputation for excellence throughout the world which is very important to people who
value having high quality pins in their collections.

Due to Covid-19, the pin club only had 3 meetings in January, February and March,
2020. The meetings for the rest of the year have been cancelled. I am encouraging all
pin club members to please consider reaching out to their fellow pin club members
either by email or phone or by mail in order to do some pin trading. The Executive has
decided to offer a FREE pin club membership for 2021 to all paid up pin club
members.I wish all of you the very best.

Ron Boily, President, Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club
Email: rjpboily@shaw.ca
Phone: 204-667-6811

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