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Member From Collects
Ron K. Winnipeg Polar Bears
Ron B. Winnipeg Disney
Wes P. Winnipeg Harley Davidson
Ivan L. Winnipeg Olympic
Wayne S. Winnipeg Scottish Tour Pins
John D. Victoria, BC Hard Rock Cafe
Ray S. Winnipeg Western Canada Summer Games
Ole & Morten S. Denmark Curling
Phil G. Winnipeg Olympic
Roger D. Winnipeg Curling
Denis G. Winnipeg Manitoba Pins
Joan K. Winnipeg Tire Pins
Royle D. Winnipeg Table Tennis Pins
Brian H. Winnipeg Polar Bear Pins
Brent S. Winnipeg Corporate Pins
Bill S. Winnipeg Winnipeg Jets
Robert J. Winnipeg Olympic Candidate City Bid Pins
Daniel S. Lower Wedgeport, NS Knights of Columbus Pins
June F. New York Pepsi Pins
Jeff N. Winnipeg Disney
Carla P. Winnipeg Disney
Scott M. Regina, SK CFL
F.O.A Toronto, ON Argonaut Pins

5 Responses to Member Pins

  1. Steve Craig says:


    I’m thinking about getting back into pin collecting. I collect Union, CFL, CBC, and Canada Games,

    I’ve got lots of misc. traders including Lions, Brier, Canada games etc.

  2. JACK HESS says:

    Need 2000 pin back s who do I contact please pass on my phone number 204-218-5225

  3. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Jack:

    Regular pin backs cost 5 cents each. High quality black rubber pin backs cost 10 cents each. You will likely be able to purchase them on eBay. For more information, please feel free to call me at home at: 204-667-6811,

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  4. Jae says:

    Hi, I recently inherited a Large Quantity of Curling Pins…. I estimate probably over 1,000… maybe closer to 2000. The Collectors were an Elderly couple who travelled around to curling events… When they passed away they were left to their Daughter who also was a curling fan who went to events and collected pins…. she passed away in 1997 and left them to my family… Who just in turn passed them down to me. I’m looking to sell them so if you know someone who would be interested, let me know… Also How are these usually sold?…. In a Bulk Lot? By Types? Clubs Etc? There are far too many for me to go through but it seems they were all well cared for and in excellent condition. There doesn’t seem to be a “Price Guide” like with “Sports Cards” either so I don’t really know yet what a “Ballpark” estimate would be on them but I’ve reached out to several other people to get a better Idea… Thanks for any Info you can give me as well! If Anyone Wants to Contact me:

  5. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Jae:
    I am not aware of any pin club members who would be willing to buy such a large collection of curling pins. The value of the curling pins will depend on the types of curling pins, rarity and condition. You haven’t indicated where you live. If you happen to live close to Winnipeg, some of our club members might be interested in purchasing some of the pins. You would be most welcome to bring the collection to one of our meetings to see who might be interested. Generally speaking, a large collection of pins normally sells for significantly less than individual pins. Do you happen to have some curling clubs located near your home? They might be some good places to start. You could ask someone in management if they know a curling club member who would be knowledgeable about curling pins. You could also consult with several reputable antique dealers to see if they can give you an idea what the pins would be worth. Once you know the approximate value of the pins, you could try selling them to a collector or a dealer or try selling them yourself on eBay or kijiji. By the way, there are also pin clubs in Quebec, Calgary and Vancouver. Many pin collectors prefer to see the pins before they decide if they might be interested in some or all of them. To sell them all as a collection, you will need to price the pins at a very reasonable price. I wish you much success in selling your collection.

    All the best.

    Ron Boily

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