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  1. Jae says:

    Hi, I recently inherited a Large Quantity of Curling Pins…. I estimate probably over 1,000… maybe closer to 2000. The Collectors were an Elderly couple who travelled around to curling events… When they passed away they were left to their Daughter who also was a curling fan who went to events and collected pins…. she passed away in 1997 and left them to my family… Who just in turn passed them down to me. I’m looking to sell them so if you know someone who would be interested, let me know… Also How are these usually sold?…. In a Bulk Lot? By Types? Clubs Etc? There are far too many for me to go through but it seems they were all well cared for and in excellent condition. There doesn’t seem to be a “Price Guide” like with “Sports Cards” either so I don’t really know yet what a “Ballpark” estimate would be on them but I’ve reached out to several other people to get a better Idea… Thanks for any Info you can give me as well! If Anyone Wants to Contact me: Kijiji-g@Hotmail.com

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