Collectors Pining for Pins

by Jim Bender
Winnipeg Sun
April 2003 

Roger Degagne is one of eight pin collectors set up at the ArenaWinnipeg’s self-professed “Prince of Pins” is after at least one unique collection.

“My dream is to some day collect every Canadian curling club pin that exists.” Roger Degagne said yesterday.

Degagne, 60, is one of the eight pin collectors who have set up tables at the Winnipeg Arena during the Ford World Curling Championships this week – three from Manitoba, three from Alberta and two from Ontario.

And there have been a number of curious curling fans who at least take long looks at the displays, especially kids.

Of course, to host a major curling event anywhere without the pin men would be like curlers playing without brooms.

Although many think these collectors are weirdoes, Degane said they do not get a lot of strange looks.

“Not at all,” he said. “A lot of people find it an amazing hobby but don’t know how to get started.

It’s good to get the young generation involved because it’s not all that expensive and it’s such a sociable hobby. I’ve made friends with collectors from Scotland to Ontario.

Degagne , who once collected pins from all different kinds of sports, decided to stick with curling pins back at the 2000 Brier in Saskatoon.

“I started with 46 pins and I’ve accumulated 2,600,” said Degagne. “Most pin collectors are former curlers – I used to curl four nights a week. Curling is more of a social sport and this is my way of staying in it.”

Degagne used to own a construction company and now works as a manufacturer’s rep (windows and doors). He travels to every Brier, Scott Tournament of Hearts and Olympic trials events. And he will go to world championships if they are held nearby, such as Bismarck, N.D., last year.

“I spend no more than $5,000 a year on it” he said. “And that includes the price of tickets. But I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I really enjoy the events.”

Each host committee gives the collectors free space at the arenas to set up their tables, he added.

Although he will purchase collections, Degagne prefers not to sell his pins. His most valuable one is a 1954 Brier pin that “I would not part with for less than $250.”

The most expensive pins available are the 1927 Gold Heart Brier pins. There were apparently only 12 made and only eight available. The Halifax Curling Club, which has four of them once spurned an offer of $50,000 for the quartet.

Keith Forbes, who has also set up a display at the Arena, boasts Manitoba’s largest collection with about 16,000 pins.

47 Responses to Collectors Pining for Pins

  1. Gordon Thompson says:

    I have a few old pins that belonged to my father. They don’t really have any sentimental value for me, but I don’t want to throw them away. I noticed on ebay the Madison and Duluth ones are selling for $4.95 so I don’t think I’m going to get rich from them.What I would like to do is give them to a club or someone who appreciates them. That way they can be traded or collected as opposed to just being discarded.
    I could take a picture of them but I assume anyone familiar with pins would know them anyway.
    They are the following: a NIPIGON CURLING CLUB pin, a Saskatoon Bonspiel 1945 and 1949, PORT ARTHUR CURLING AND ATHLETIC CLUB, a MADISON CURLING CLUB 1921, a DULUTH CURLING CLUB 1913.

    If you are interested email or call me. I don’t want them going to someone who is just going to throw them on ebay to make a quick buck.

    Gordon 204-888-3809

    • Ron Boily says:

      Hi Gordon:

      I gave the information to Roger Degagne. He will contact you. Thanks. Ron Boily

    • Rachael Perry-Robbins says:

      I have a very large collection of curling pins, Canada and Maine. I would love to sell them to the right collector. Please contact me if you are interested.

      • chris nadin says:

        Hi……i would be interested in buying your curling badges. Do you have anymore details of quantity and age.
        Regrds Chris.

      • Ron Boily says:

        Hi Chris:

        Thank you for your enquiry about some curling pins that one of our readers had for sale.

        Rachael Perry-Roberts did not provide us with any contact information such as email address or phone number. I am hoping that she will read your comment and respond to it.

        All the best.

        Ron Boily
        Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  2. John Burchell says:

    I have what I believe to be a 1927 Gold Heart Brier pin, presumably with the name of the original owner inserted into it on a small card.

    If someone wishes to discuss the purchase of this pin, please contact me at (902) 351-2299.

  3. John Carmichael says:

    Hi…I have a bunch of Ontario curling pins for sale if someone interested…thanks…John

    • Dave Godward says:

      Hi John and good afternoon.

      I am always interested in acquiring curling pins. Would you mind either providing a description of the pins you have or better yet, some photos. In addition, how much would you be asking for your pins.

      Many thanks for your attention to the above.


  4. Philippe says:

    Bonjour, je suis un ancien joueur de curling français. J’ai notamment eu la chance de jouer à Winnipeg lors de championnats du monde. Je possède un grand nombre de pins de France mais aussi d’autres pays. J’ai beaucoup de pins en double. Si un collectionneur comme Roger Degagne est intéressé cela pourrait venir compléter une collection mais aussi faire avoir des pins supplémentaires pour faire des échanges avec d’autres collectionneurs. Salutations.

  5. Ron Boily says:

    Bonjour Philippe:

    Vous pouvez rejoindre Roger Degagne par e-mail à:


  6. JudyFeldman says:

    I have a collection of curling pins that have been in storage for some years and looking to sell them if anyone is interested.

  7. Richard says:

    I have two 1 oz. silver 1986 Kitchner-Waterloo brierfest pins, pristine! I have never found anyone who knows about these pins!! amazing, they are for sale.

  8. Ronald Boily says:

    Hi Richard:

    Thank you for your enquiry about your two 1986 Kitchener-Waterloo brierfest silver pins.

    In our pin club, the expert on curling pins is Roger Degagne. He is featured on our website in the article titled “Collectors Pining for Pins”. Please feel free to contact Roger Degagne by phone at his home in Winnipeg at: 204-237-1990. Roger collects curling pins.

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  9. Dean MacDonald says:

    Hi I came across a 1971 Quebec Bonspiel championship pin. I think its made of silver. Does it have any intrest to your group

  10. Ronald Boily says:

    Hi Dean:

    I am not aware of anyone in our club being interested in this pin. You might try selling it on eBay.

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  11. Tammy vincet says:

    My father-n law past away in jan 2015.. He and his deseased wife curled since 1955 in Calgary and travelled all over the country Switzerland, Germany etc. Looking at who i could send info too.

  12. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Tammy:

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    A good person to contact would be Roger Degagne who lives in Winnipeg. He is an expert on curling in Canada and has been collecting curling pins for many years. His email address is:

    All the best.

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  13. jberkal says:


    I am seeking pins via donation to help Grade 2-Grade 12 students with English Literacy at a Manitoba Affiliated school located in South Korea (

    The students receive pins (badges) for their participation in a morning announcement program. Mr. Ron Kolbauer generously donated pins last year however I have been unable to make contact with him.

    If anyone is able to help out I will be returning to Winnipeg from Korea for the month of July.

    Please let me know via email if you would be willing to donate and fulfil my request. Thank you in advance.

    Josh Berkal

  14. Ivanka Brander says:

    I have a collection of 17 curling pins (i.e. #11 below is in duplicate). Anyone interested in them? They are:
    1. Revelstoke Curling Club 1970’s Revelstoke
    2. Macdonald Brier Canadian Curling Championship Regina 1976 Regina
    3. World Curling Championship Vancouver 1987 Vancouver
    4. MDMCL R-U ’80 1980 Marine Drive Mixed Curling League, Vancouver
    5. Canadian Curling Championship Macdonald Brier Vancouver 1978 1978 Vancouver
    6. D\MDMCL 1st. ’79 1979 Marine Drive Mixed Curling League, Vancouver
    7. Hope Curling Club nd Hope, BC
    8. MDMCL 79-80 Marine Drive Mixed Curling League, Vancouver
    9. BC Ladies Curling Association nd
    10. World’s Curling Championships, Vancouver, BC March 1966 1966 Vancouver
    11. 9th ND Summer Spiel 1987 1987 North Delta, BC
    12. MD 1st B 80 1980 Marine Curling Club, Vancouver
    13. ’87 World Curling Championship Vancouver 1987 Vancouver
    14. Vernon Summer Mixed Spiel-O-Rama 1977 1977 Vernon, BC
    15. I Heart Curling
    16. The Longhouse Vancouver ’87 World Curling Championship 1987 Vancouver

  15. Don Bahuaud says:

    Hi Ron
    I am looking for two pins from the 1999 Pan Am Games hosted by Winnipeg.
    One of your members may have a spare that I could purchase. The pins are:
    1. The Guitar Pin, green in colour, with the logo on the body, and
    2. The Closing Ceremonies pin

  16. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Don:

    I am not aware of any members who might have spares of these pins. However, our next pin club meeting is on January 4, 2016. I will mention your request to the members attending that meeting. If someone should have one or both of those pins, I will let you know.

    All the best.

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

    • Don Bahuaud says:

      Thanks Ron

    • Keith says:

      Hello! I tried to email you via the contact us page and it wouldn’t allow me so I am trying here in hopes of getting a response.
      I have a pin I’m trying to find some information on. I don’t know if you can help, but I really don’t know who else may be able to answer. The pin in question is older and gold in colour. It is about as big as a finger nail and is triangular in shape. It has a design that consists of a triangle on the front with the letters (and the first is difficult to make out because of the font used) C or G on the lower left of the triangle, O at the top, and A on the right lower half. I have a picture I can send if you tell me which email I can send to. Any information is much appreciated! Thank you and have a pleasant day.

      • Ronald Boily says:

        Hi Keith:

        I am not familiar with the pin that you described. Please email me an enlarged photo of it and I will show the photo to club members at the next pin club meeting in March, 2016 to see if someone might know something about it. Where and when did you obtain the pin? My email address is:
        All the best.

        Ron Boily
        Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  17. Wes says:

    Club member has both pins… green guitar and day 17.

    RU in Winnipeg..? Can you come to the next meeting..?

  18. Don Bahuaud says:

    Where are the meetings held? Its not listed on the website.

  19. Bruce Whyte says:

    Hi. I have a few thousand (not counted yet.) pins left over from a store. I did a lot of trading and selling in the late 80,s to early 90’s and a little since. I would like to sell them all in a group as I am going to retire. Best offer. I am in Ponoka Alta. if you have any members out this way.

  20. Ronald Boily says:

    Hi Bruce:

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Since you live in Alberta, your best bet would be to contact the Calgary Pin Collectors Club. If possible, you might enquire as to whether or not you might be able to attend one of their meetings by making an appointment with one of their executive members. The link to their website can be found on page one of our website. There is noone in our club that I know of who would be in a position to purchase thousands of pins. A dealer would be your best bet. For myself personally, I only collect CFL and HRC pins. Should you happen to have a quantity of these pins, please let me know. Another possibility is for you to list groupings of the pins on ebay. All the best. Ron Boily, President, Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  21. Corey Cano says:

    Hi: I live in Thunder Bay,Ontario and I am looking for curling pins associated with major curling events that were hosted by Thunder Bay. I am also looking for pins of major curling events that were won by Thunder Bay born curlers. Three(3) pins I really need are
    1960 Macdonald Brier held in Fort William,Ontario
    1975 Macdonald Brier held in Fredericton,New Brunswick
    1988 Women’s world curling championship held in Glasgow,Scotland
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  22. Corey Cano says:

    Hi: I need three curling pins
    1960 Macdonald Brier @ Fort William,Ontario
    1975 Macdonald Brier @ Fredericton,New Brunswick
    1988 Women’s world curling championship @ Glasgow,Scotland

  23. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Corey:

    Regarding the curling pins you are seeking, your best bet to try and find these pins would be to check eBay on a regular basis. I am not aware of any club members who might have these pins for sale. You might also want to contact some of the larger curling clubs in your area. Major curling events like the Brier often have a pin trading section. Avid curlers who trade pins at this event might be able to help you out.

    All the best.

    Ron Boily
    Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

  24. Shawn says:

    Hi there, I’ve just received about 40 curling pins would say there between the 50’s to early 70’s . My grandfather traveled all around Ontario and few from states. If interested in seeing them let me no and can send pics or description of them . Thank you. Shawn from Niagara Falls Ontario

  25. Ron Boily says:

    Hi Shawn:
    Thank you for your enquiry about your grandfather’s curling pins.
    I don’t know of any pin club members who might be interested in your curling pins from Ontario and the USA. A couple of places you can try would be some of your local curling clubs. Someone there might be interested in the pins. You might also consider listing them on either kijiji or ebay.
    All the best.
    Ron Boily

  26. Sorry, not exactly “pin” related; however, curling related. My father was an avid curling watcher, supporter, and volunteer and purchased a stunning pendant many years ago. I am interested in selling the pendant and have not had any success as I am not a curler; hence, not in the appropriate circles. I have tried Kijiji with no luck; any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

    • Ronald Boily says:

      Hi Lynda:

      A couple of places you can take the pendant to would be one or two local curling rinks. Often the Manager of the rink might be able to give you advice on who might be interested and also give you an approximate value. You could try selling the pendant on eBay. If you haven’t gone to an antique dealer yet, you could visit a few antique shops to see whether they might be interested. Have you done a search on google to see if you can find a similar pendant? I hope you find this advice helpful. By the way, when selling something, price and condition are critical to the success in selling it. I wish you much success in selling the pendant. All the best. Ron Boily, President

  27. Mervin Nelson says:

    Still looking for 2 Pins from 2008 Winnipeg Brier , Liquor Marts & MB Government ( bison) pin. Will buy or trade. Pulse pass on at your meetings.

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